Peace and calm

Reiki is an energy healing method. 

I am here to experience the healing power of Reiki  through you. - Elisha

to serve and love

Aside from spending time as a Reiki master practitioner, I am a full time mother to a beautiful and bubbly kindergartener.  In my spare time I am a baby sign language teacher - I believe communication is of utmost importance to humanity so why not start early - and am presently completing my studies in Life Coaching.

I have an educational background in theatre and dramatic studies with a penchant for singing and dancing.  I am  a devoted listener, a loyal human being and a lover of laughter. 

I look forward to meeting like-minded people through the world of energy healing and confidence coaching; more importantly to help heal any hurt one may have in the short time we have on Mother Earth.


THANK-YOU for taking the time.